7 steps to follow when life knocks you down.


when life knocks you down

We all go through different situations in our life. It is said that people learn a lot of lessons while going through different situations in our lives. Every human being on earth is bound to go through a series of life changing situations and going through these situations, there are times our lives where we feel negative thoughts gushing from inside us and take a roller coaster ride inside us. We might even feel hopeless and self-sympathize due to such feelings i.e, when life knocks you down.

In such situations, we might want to bounce back again and want to live a beautiful life which Allah had blessed us with to the fullest. But we find it difficult to do that. I have for you these simple steps which might help you boost up your confidence and will help you to deal with your present and the forthcoming situations in your lives.

1. There might be many quotes which you can Google about positive thinking. You might even read inspirational stories about great people and try to make yourself feel better, but believe me, nothing will be more effective than reading and trying to understand the words of Allah, i.e. The Holy Quran.

2. The Quran is full of amazing verses and by reading them your heart feels comforted. No matter what your problem is, no matter how hard you find it to deal with it, but as soon as you read and try to understand the words of Allah, your heart will find peace. There will be a sudden slow-down in the negative feelings which are standing like a mountain inside you. As Allah says in the Quran,
“Verily heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah”

3. Researchers have proved that stories have a great effect on human mind. As they have good teachings, morals and will motivate/inspire you. Now, if you read and learn from the Quranic stories rather than any story which is written or created by humans, you will find a huge difference. They will have a better impact on you because the Quran is written in an eloquent manner in which every minute detail might not be present, yet the important points which will help and influence the readers are mentioned.
Try to read stories which Allah mentions in the Quran. Relate your problems and draw lessons from them. Observe how the righteous people used to deal with the problems and how Allah had helped them in their difficult times.
Always remember, “The help of Allah is always near.”

allah is near
Figure out from these stories which qualities you should inculcate in you to make yourself a better person.

For Example: In Surah Yusuf verse 86, it says,
“I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah and I know from Allah that which you know not.” At this point in the story Yaqoob(A.S) was already in great sorrow after losing his son Yusuf(A.S) years back and was practicing “beautiful patience” in a hope that one day Yusuf(A.S) will return back to him but during this while when he gets the news about his another son Benyamin was accused of being a thief and had to stay back in Egypt(as per the deal) he(Yaqoob) became extremely sad, but did not lose his patience and told his other sons that he will complain about his grief and sorrow only to Allah.

One of the major thing that we can learn from this Surah is that during our hardships or when life knocks you down, the first thing which you are supposed to do is turn to your creator and tell Him about your grief and worries (it’s not that you are not supposed to discuss it with anyone. The first thing which a believer is bound to do is to turn back to his creator) and seek and expect help from Him alone. By doing this, a person will not only be able to understand his/her emotions and get a control over their feelings but will also find peace. It will also help you to elevate your Imaan and Taqwa and hence it will become easy to deal with your problems in a smooth and an easy way.

4. Supplication (Dua):
Abu Huraira reported, the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH) said, “The servant is nearest to his Lord during prostration, so increase your supplication therein”. (Sahih Muslim 482)
We can make supplication to Allah at any time but the best time would be in Tahajjud. And the best position is in Sujood. Make lots of Dua to please Allah. Verily Dua is a powerful remedy to any problem. When you talk to Allah, your heart will feel light and free from shackles of any problems.

5. When you feel that you have got control over your emotions and feel light as compared to earlier, then talk to some elder person who is close to you and whom you feel can guide and listen to you and understand your problem. You may choose anyone from your family, friends or work place either.

6. After talking to an elder you can also talk about your feeling with a person of your age group (whom you trust). By talking to people from two different age groups you will be able to see the difference in their guidance, approach and advice. Therefore you will get to know about many choices and solutions to your problem.

7. The moment your mind starts finding solutions and you are able to deal with the challenges of your daily life, at this point you have all your emotions in your control. Hence, be happy as your negative feelings have started to slow down. Be thankful to Allah and all those who helped you and then ENJOY YOURSELF!

Share your thoughts on this article in the comments below and tell us how you deal with your problems.

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