Only Allah knows what is best for us.

Quranic Reflections

only allah knows

Once my 15 months old daughter stood up on her high-chair and I figured out that she was trying to get down by jumping from the chair. As soon as I realized that, I ran to help her out but she started to scream, indicating that she wants to jump all by herself. Anyhow I diverted her mind and slowly put her down from her high-chair and hid the chair.

After some time when I recalled the incident, a strange thought crossed my mind and I realized that sometimes in life we as humans want some things very desperately and if we don’t get it we tend to become frustrated and ungrateful, like my daughter who screamed at me in innocence and was completely unaware of the fact that I was actually trying to save her from falling down. In the same way, if we face some problems in our lives, we must not complain as only Allah knows what’s best for us.

Many times it happens that we want a particular job or to pass an important exam or to get admission in a particular course but we fail to achieve our goals in spite of all our efforts. At that moment we fail to see the deeper truth as it is beyond our comprehension. Only Allah knows the truth and we unknowingly get disappointed, sad or frustrated like my daughter who could not understand the reality that if she jumps from the high-chair she could get hurt. She just screamed at me when I tried to save her from falling down.

At times, when we are not able to achieve what we want, it gets difficult for us to understand the reality. It even becomes more difficult for us to understand our problems when our actions and intentions are pure and in compliance with Allah’s will. But still, we don’t get what we want. In such difficult situations, it becomes hard for us to take a step back and see the bigger picture. We often fail to understand that when Allah takes some of the things from us then He replaces it with much better things.

Whatever Allah does is for the benefit of our own self. Even when something bad happens to us or a tragedy strikes us, we fail to understand the goodness that might be hidden in it. We tend to ignore the good things that Allah has bestowed on us. Rather we become sad, arrogant or ungrateful towards life.

In one of the Hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“Whenever a Muslim is afflicted with hardship, sickness, sadness, worry, harm or depression, even a thorns prick, Allah expiates his sins because of it.”


It is very clear from the above Hadith that Allah is extremely merciful and forgiving.

So, whatever situation may come in our lives, we must always remember that only Allah knows what is best for us.

As Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“…it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.”

-Surah Baqarah:216                                   

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