Appearance and Character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last prophet sent by Allah with His message and as a guide to mankind and to guide us to the right path.

He is a perfect role model for all of us. By following his way of life and actions, we can achieve success in this life as well as in the hereafter.

He set such high examples of behaviour that people aspire to follow him. He was a very trustworthy person. He is one of the most influential personalities in the world. He was born in Mecca.


His appearance is difficult to put in words. He had a very pleasant and charismatic personality. His presence was strong felt that many people embraced Islam just by looking at Him. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a strong physique.


He was the best in character and He also said that God sent him to perfect good manners and to do good deeds.

He was a selfless person. He lived his life for the sake of Allah and everything that he did was for the sake of Allah. He was the epitome of good manners. He showcased the highest morals and manners that any person could exhibit.

He was the one with the finest sense of humor which was neither vulgar nor it debase or made fun of someone, rather it was a amalgam of classic wit and intelligence.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was peace lover.  He wanted everyone to live in harmony. Thus, we need to spread His message of peace by giving examples out of the actions He undertook to ensure peace.

He treated children with kindness and mercy. He was the most generous person there could ever be.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was caring of the rights of the women. He asked his followers to give special treatment to women by giving them respect and equal rights that they ought to have. He was the most pleasant person. He would greet everyone with a smile and spoke with gentleness.

He was especially considerate of orphans and would commend his followers to take special care of the orphans and would commend His followers to take special care of the orphans. He was very cooperative towards people and helped others in doing the chores in any way he could help them. He never treated himself as someone special.

Another striking personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is his modesty. He never encouraged any kind of vulgarity.

He lead a very simple life. In a nutshell, He provides us with a model behavior which he set as example for all the humankind.

“I believe that if a man like him (Prophet Muhammad) were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.

Information taken from- Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (android application)

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